What we do ?

    Distribution Services:

      o Distribution of Turkish TV Channels outside of Turkey: Since 2005, we represent major Turkish channels to distribute them in Europe through cable, DTH and IP. We are currently the exclusive representative for Europe (except Germany) for ATV Avrupa, Euro D, Euro Star, Habertürk, KRAL TV, KRAL POP, NTV Avrupa, Planet Türk, Samanyolu Avrupa and TGRT EU. We offer our services to the channels by paying the utmost attention to have the signals reach viewers in highest quality. We sign with the best service providers in the areas with the highest Turkish population in order to have the channels available to the subs.

As of 2013, we started our distribution in Australia and New Zealand as well.

     o Distribution of Foreign TV Channels into Turkey: We are the representative since 2001 of TV5Monde, the international general entertainment french language channel. We have been arranging the cable and satellite distribution; negotiating cable and satellite agreements with the operators; handling the media, PR as well as viewers’ relations; develop and execute advertising campaigns and promotion activities in cooperation with the operators; organize events and promotions at the industry fairs and exhibitions held locally in order to promote the channel and contribute to its image.

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TV5Monde: Launched in 1984, TV5MONDE is the leading French language channel broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without commercial interruptions. It reaches more than 220 million households and 55 million viewers every week in 200 countries and territories, making TV5MONDE the 2nd largest distributed channel in the world being broadcast via 8 separate feeds.

 Programming of TV5Monde originates from 5 different countries, including France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and French speaking Africa. There are 9 regional signals: TV5MONDE France/Belgium/Switzerland, TV5MONDE Europe, TV5MONDE Orient, TV5MONDE Africa, TV5MONDE Asia, TV5MONDE Pacific, TV5MONDE Latin America, TV5MONDE Quebec and Canada, and TV5MONDE USA.

In Turkey, we secured the distribution of the channel within Digiturk, the major DTH company, in Turksat Cable’s Digital Package, and in TT Net’s IP and web service packages.


     o VOD: Within the context of our distribution services, we also offer VOD films to the operators. Our large library of Turkish films includes many blockbusters among the old favorites. The Turkish audience in Europe is as keen watching the oldies as the new films so our library is designed to appeal to all tastes in the spectrum. Some of the films in our library are as below.

 Foreign Media Representation:

Since our foundation in 1992, we have been representing foreign media companies to sell advertising space from Turkish companies and give first class service to Turkish companies who want to advertise in international media. We started in 1992 by being the exclusive representative of CNN International in Turkey and continued until 1997 when CNN Türk started broadcasting in Turkish language. We have also been representing Forbes Magazine from 1993 onwards, until when Ciner Media Group started the publication of Forbes Turkey in 2003. With the experience and knowledge we gained by representing the 2 giants of world media, we became the preferred choice for international media companies who seek presence in Turkey. Our portfolio of foreign media we represent is below:

     o Print Media ;

      > Newspapers: Daily Telegraph/Sunday Telegraph, Die Welt, Metro International

      > Magazines: Apollo, Four Seasons Magazine, Media & Marketing Global , Spectator

      > TV: Deutsche Welle, France24, TV5 Monde


 International Publishing:

 • Superbrands International: We are the licensee for Turkey since 2005 of Superbrands International, the UK based independent brand rating organization. In cooperation with our sister company DStil Tasarim, we have been selecting the Superbrands of Turkey and publishing their stories in a book. As of 2013, we published the fourth Superbrands of Turkey book.

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 • Where Magazine: We are the licensee for Turkey since 2009 of Where Magazine, an American title published in all major cities worldwide. The magazine is intended for visitors to the city to offer them a listing of all the happenings, dining venues, entertainment, shopping and getting around in a compact format. We are publishing Where Istanbul in partnership with our sister company DStil Tasarım and distributing each month to the rooms of all 5 star hotels free of charge. 

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